Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Year Anniversary:)

Wow it's been forever since I posted! Today I just want to document the 1 year anniversary of when I opened up my Etsy shop and to sincerely thank everyone who supported me from my awesome customers to my wonderful family and friends. I also want to thank everyone that gave me great advice, everyone who "liked" me on Facebook, everyone that follows me on Twitter, everyone that participated in one of my giveaways, everyone that trusted in me to do a custom item for them, the 2 wonderful owners of the yoga studio that I did a wholesale order for, the 2 Etsy teams I am on (IIW & IFS team), everyone involved in the craft show/fairs that I participated in, and to everyone that takes the time to read my blogs. I've had a wonderful year and hope you guys will still be a part of my journey as I continue to learn and grow. Your support is what keeps me going, THANK YOU ALL!:)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day ***GIVEAWAY*** on my Facebook Page!:D

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I currently have a giveaway going on over at my Facebook page. Come check it out if interested:) Here is a picture of the goodies. If I have enough people participating in this one then I will start doing monthly giveaways. Hope to see you guys there!:)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Try Before You Buy

One of my favorite things to do is to sample items before I purchase them. Especially bath and body products! The nice thing about sampling is that if you don't like it then no big deal because you wouldn't be wasting much and it is also a lot less expensive.

I recently purchased a small sample pack of goodies from BELLA BATH & BODY on Etsy. For only $3.00 I received a 1/2 bar of soap (apple scent), 1/2 oz. of rose passionfruit lip scrub, 1/2 oz whipped body butter (Turkish Mocha scent), and a 1 oz. creme sugar scrub (very vanilla scent). They all came in nice re-useable plasic containers and smell absolutely delicious, not chemically like mass produced products! The thing I love about handmade products is that there is hardly any harmful chemicals included. I have very sensitive skin so this is a definite plus for me. My favorite sample is the rose passionfruit lip scrub. I admit my lips are rather scaley so this was a dream to use. Just put it on, rub your lips and lick it off. Kinda nice to have around when you have a sugar craving and don't want to eat a whole candy bar, know what I mean?

I would definitely purchase from BELLA BATH & BODY again in the future. Here is a link to her shop if you are interested in purchasing or sampling some great products:)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TrendSpotting: Big Bold Statement Rings

One of my favorite current trends are big bold statement rings. Sure they are hard to work with and at times snag on your clothing but aren't they fun and pretty to look at? They are also very versatile and can brighten up a casual outfit of jeans/t-shirt.

Pretty white lotus statement ring currently for sale in my shop...

Monday, January 24, 2011

My new Facebook page

Hello everyone, I'm back! I had a very busy month at my job with closing out the year and then also setting up new files for the new year. Things are starting to die down again so I am able to work on my Etsy shop.

I would like to thank everyone that purchased from my shop Karmic Kreations on Etsy, your business is very much appreciated:) I would also like to invite everyone to check out my new page on Facebook and if you like my jewelry then I hope you will "Like" my Facebook page. I will post updates on new items as well as sales and special promotions. And if I get enough people to "Like" my page I will conduct periodic contests and giveaways:) Hope you see you all there!


PS, If you know anyone else that would be interested, can you please pass this information along to them? Thanks!:D Kim