Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lazy Daze

I’ve been feeling really lazy this week and my mind is all over the place.  Every time I overthink it causes me to shut down and find ways to distract myself from things I’m supposed to be doing.  I have to remind myself that there’s no rush and that little progress is better than no progress at all.  I haven’t made any recent sales lately but I’m getting the visits and likes.  I even got 3 new followers on my FB business page which I haven’t updated since September 2012!  I do plan on heading back over there sometime but I would like to fill up my Etsy with a decent amount of items.  It just looks more professional that way.  I feel like writing about it on here is the work in progress while sharing it over there is the finished product.  
The knitting continues to be a very effective meditation tool.  I don’t get angry as much anymore.  My impulsive behaviors have even decreased.  I think things through more, it helps me slow down.  
That’s enough rambling for today.  I’m allowed my off days just as long as I don’t quit!!👊

Friday, January 12, 2018

All We Have is Time

This week went by so fast it doesn’t even seem like a Friday.  I added a couple new items on Etsy yesterday and will keep adding more to build up to at least 50 items.  Right now I only have 27 items.  I’m still looking for a good laptop.  I usually have a hard time deciding because I want to make sure I am getting the best quality at a reasonable cost.  This Sunday 14th is my Dad’s 73rd birthday.  I’m knitting him a beanie.  He likes dark neutral colors so I think he will like this one.  Hopefully I get it done in time.  

I can’t help but think about how much longer I have with my parents ever since my MIL died😢.  I love them both so much, it is one of my greatest fears to lose them.  I don’t want to see them suffer or be in any kind of pain or to never see them again.  Who knows if there really is an afterlife?!  I would like to think there actually is a heaven or some kind of spiritual kingdom once we cross over.  It just seems like there has to be something more after we die because of how complicated human intelligence and emotions are.  It just doesn’t seem possible that all of that suddenly ends after we die.  Maybe a discussion in a future post.  Have a great weekend you all!🧐

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

No Expectations, No Disappointments

We all have preferences or things we look for in our relationships, jobs, lifestyle, etc. but when these preferences turn into expectations, that is when things can turn problematic.  The difference between a preference and an expectation is that you are able to live with and work around your preferences but with an expectation it is more of an all or nothing attitude.  This attitude will almost always end in disappointment because it is only limited to your ideal of the way things are supposed to be.  I think it is very healthy to embrace our differences in a relationship or situation.  It teaches us conflict resolution skills and can open our minds to new ways of thinking.  You don’t have to agree with the differences but you should at least try to respect it.  However I do believe there are some things you should never have to compromise especially if it goes against your personal morals or ethics.  For example, finding out your friend is a racist.  Maybe you can help your friend see the light but if they can’t then you shouldn’t have to put up with it.  Also there are many times when you just simply realize that a relationship or situation just isn’t for you and that is perfectly fine too...if you don’t jive, you don’t jive.  But if you value the relationship, a foundation of compromise and trust is key.👩🏻‍💻

Monday, January 8, 2018

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

This is my first full week back to work and my son’s first day back to school from holiday break.  In a way I am glad things are back on schedule.  Sometimes routine can be calming with its predictability.  Today I received this 18 piece wooden circular needles set that I ordered a week ago from EBay.  I am really impressed by the quality of these needles considering I only paid a little over 5 bucks for them and US seller too.  That is around the same price for just one circular needle that you buy at the store!  A steal indeed.

The nice thing about circular needles is that they are more portable than stick needles and you can use them for flat pieces as well such as scarves.  It also saves time because you don’t have to stitch seams together or go back and forth between knit/purl on the stockinette stitch.  Here is the first beanie I knitted in the round.

I’ve been making mostly hats lately but made a couple scarves.  I finished an infinity scarf last night but it was a little too wide.  I guess I have to start reading patterns.  
I am going to post more stuff on Etsy this week.  Probably some Valentines Day themed stuff since that is the next holiday.  I forgot I was going to add zodiac theme necklaces for each month, sorry Caps!  I will add one this week.  
I am also looking to buy a new laptop so that I can work more on organizing and fine tuning my Etsy and also my blog.  Right now I am doing everything on my iPhone.  My last laptop dropped on the floor, screen shattered and damaged the touchscreen.  I’m looking for one that is lightweight and lightening fast.
There are some other projects that I am planning on in the future as soon as I get my stuff in order.  So for now I will continue to create, write, build, whatever I have time for!!!👍👍👍

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, New Me??

Happy New Year!!  I love new beginnings and the opportunity to start over or start something different.  Yesterday I wasn’t feeling too well tho, one of those shut everyone out and isolate myself moods.  It always seems like there are million things running through my mind.  It’s just that I know where I’m headed but I’m feeling overwhelmed by how I’m supposed to get there.  I’m just ready for some positive changes.  One thing I’ve already done was cancel my individual gym membership to Crunch Fitness and instead got a YMCA membership for the whole family so that we can all get active together.  I was actually doing very well last year with my workouts until I started my new job the end of April but still kept active through October with daily walks on my lunch break.  Now it’s time to get back into it.  Then in the spring we can do more outdoor activities.  I really like this statement and it is so true.  

Another thing I would like to start doing more of this year is to fill up my social calendar a bit.  I don’t want to go overboard but I would like people to know that I still exist.  I feel like I’ve basically vanished from the face of the earth the past couple years and people have forgotten about me.  I am also thinking about getting back into selling at outdoor events this summer/fall but that’s a big maybe.  
For vacation this year we are planning a trip to Oregon to visit friends probably in the summer.  This will be my son’s first visit, he’s always super excited to visit new places.  The coast was actually the first trip J and I took together a month after we started dating.  Now it is like we will have our own tour guide.  
I’ll project recap next time.  I’ve made a handful of knitted stuff and found out some new tips and tricks as I was working along.  A lot of things are connecting and starting to make more sense.
Cheers to a great new year!🥂🍾

Thursday, December 28, 2017

In The End It Doesn’t Even Matter

So now we are here at the end of the year and what a year it has been.  New job, reconnecting with relatives & friends, death, birth, marriage, it was all there!  But today I want to talk about a major turning point that occurred this year.  I mentioned in a previous post about 2017 being a huge transformative year for me.  I guess it has been this way for many people from what I’ve been reading.  And how the eclipse was a major influence.  I believe this to be true.  Something definitely happened to me during and after the eclipse. It’s hard to explain without sounding like a complete nut job but it was like I was in some weird trance trying to do whatever I could to break away from bad habits and bad situations.  It was VERY instinctive.  It felt like the universe was telling me that there was something bigger in store for me and that I must get my shit together!  So now a few months have passed and I can see how everything was interconnected.  How I projected my real life situation with the online drama.  Wanting to protect and even “save” those I care about from the wrong people.  At times feeling unimportant because I wasn’t taken seriously.  But somehow I finally learned to LET GO and to trust those that I love to handle things on their own.  Be there for them but let them fight their own battles and have faith that they will do the right thing.  In the process of letting go I somehow found my voice back and was able to focus more on myself again.  One major life lesson that I encounter often is putting other people’s needs and happiness before my own.  I hope to continue to focus more on my well being in the next year and I believe with all my heart that the people meant to be in my life are going through or will be going through a similar journey as me.  I will end it here tonight and post goals for 2018 after the new year.  
Here is a poem from one of my favorite poets Lang Leav.  She has this unique way of writing that can be both specific and universal.  See you all next year!👩🏻‍🏫

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Run in Circles

Hello everyone!👋  Sometimes I wonder how many people actually read my blog.  What if I am really talking to myself??  Well Xmas is over for another year.  I had a great time with the fam last Friday.  Everyone thinks it is cool that I started knitting, they all love the scarf I made for John.  That’s great because guess what you’re all getting next year!  I’ve been experiencing some holiday blues this year.  There’s just this vibe of loneliness in the air.  It was nice to see my mom & John bond over their recent losses though. My mom gave me the most beautiful birthday card, she said she cried writing it because she was thinking of her sister that just died. 

I gave her a hug but didn’t cry until I read it again the next day.  I don’t know why my emotions usually hit me later on.  It’s almost like I need time to process what I am feeling if that makes any sense.
As far as projects go I haven’t done much because of the holidays.  I did start working with circular needles and I have to say that the ones I am using now are a dream to work with.  I started out with 29 inch circulars to make a hat but found it hard to work with because the wires kept twisting.  Then I read somewhere that it is better to have your work cinch up on shorter needles rather than spread apart with longer ones.  The ones recommended for hats are 16 inches.  Here is what I am currently working on:

It does cinch up a little but so much easier to work with than the longer ones.  For chunkier yarn I might go up to 24 inches which is the only size between 16 & 29.  
I feel guilty for not working on my Etsy shop.  I will again eventually.  The nice thing is that I can go at my own pace when I am listing things.  Right now I’m enjoying my knitting time.  I saw a video on FB the other day about this 91 year old elderly man that is living his final days knitting hats for those in need.  He already made 8000 of them!!  What an inspiration, I want to be just like him in my final days.
I will post one more time before the year ends.  Probably talk about some goals for 2018 or whatever and some ramblings of stuff that happened this year.  Until next time!✍️