Work Hard, Stay Humble

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday today to my Mom and also to one of my best friends Melanie.  Two of the strongest and smartest people I know whom I trust my life with completely.  They are true ultimate survivors that can withstand any situation that life throws at them and are seriously able to accomplish nearly the impossible.  Love you both!πŸ’š

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

To Feel or Not to Feel

Hello peopleπŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️  I have decided to blog freestyle from now on with the exception of my weekly project recap.  I don’t like to limit myself and feel more comfortable talking about whatever is on my mind at the moment instead of coming up with topics to fit a theme.  Sometimes I jump too far ahead of myself.

I am going to refrain from talking about myself too much. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Try it Tuesday-Monthly Subscription Boxes

So how many subscription boxes do you all subscribe to??  Chances are most of us subscribe to at least one.  They are so ultra popular nowadays that pretty much anyone can find one that suits their interest.  The nice thing about them is that you get to try things that you wouldn’t normally purchase and sometimes end up liking it.  And plus it really does feel like Christmas every time you get a new package in your mailbox.😍 The only downside is that you will end up with things you don’t like.  But I usually just give those away as gifts or sell them on Ebay.  So a win win right?  I currently subscribe to 4 “boxes”.  The first one I ever subscribed to was Ipsy about 3 years ago.  ($10.00/month, I think it is the best value for the money.  You get 5 sample or full size beauty products and a cute makeup bag.  I must admit that I like the bags more than the makeup sometimes because I really don’t wear that much makeup.  Here is what I got this month which I received today:
I love the makeup bag!  The only product I tried so far is the Bang Beauty lipgloss.  It is okay and has a nice vanilla scent, the color is alright.  I am most interested in trying Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara.  Benefit is one of my favorite makeup brands.

The 2nd one I subscribe to is Facetory.  You get 4 Korean sheet masks a month @ $7.90/month (they also offer a 7 set package as an upgrade).  I am a total sheet mask addict!  I discovered the joy of sheet masks from a sample I got guessed it Ipsy!  Sheet masks usually give my skin a nice healthy glow and keep it moisturized.  This month Facetory celebrates their 1 year anniversary.  Here is what I got:

Can’t wait to try the Sweet Lemon Candy Mask!🍭

The last one I am sharing today is BuddhiBox.  They offer different size options.  The one I subscribe to is $14.95 a month and always include at least a roll on essential oil and a raw healing stone, other samples included may vary.  Here is this month’s box:
The stone is a yellow fire stone and supposedly gives you a boost of self confidence.  The Hippie Homesteader “Vibrant” essential oil has a nice subtle spicy citrus scent.  I also love the Co-pur peppermint rosemary lip balm.  It goes on very nice and smooth and not waxy.  I really like everything I got in this month’s box.  Oh I almost forgot, they also give you a code for a 10 minute online guided meditation every month as well.

The last box I get each month is Bulubox.  I haven’t received this month’s box yet but it is a box they carries samples of healthy natural or organic goodies.  You get about 6 to 8 items that can be anything from snacks to beauty products.  This is the least expensive box, $5.95/month.  

That’s it.  My favorite box is the BuddhiBox but the only one that I use up all products is Facetory.  What are some of your favorites??🧚‍♀️

Monday, November 13, 2017

Project Recap Monday

Hello everyone!πŸ‘‹.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mondays will be my project recap day and/or stuff related to my business.  Today I mailed out the bracelet I sold last Friday.  I always like to throw in a few extra goodies for my customers as a thank you.  Usually some loose charms, stickers, or pretty notecards.  For wholesale orders I like to include an extra item that is not part of the sale.  This gives them an idea of what else I offer and it keeps up good customer relations.
Last week I mentioned starting on the PURL stitch in knitting.  Well I pretty much suck at this!  It is the opposite image of the KNIT stitch so I found myself in utter confusion because I have a bad sense of direction.  I mean I can do it but it is going to take a lot of practice to get the hang of it.  My sense of direction sucks because I was born left handed but my parents didn’t think that was normal so I ended up being ambidextrous and use my right hand to write and my left hand for physical things like brushing my teeth/hair and using a knife.  I will continue to work on the purl stitch this week.
I have come up with a weekly theme to keep me focused:  Tuesdays I can review products, websites, or anything I’d like to share of interest.  I just got a couple of my monthly subscription boxes in the mail today that I can review.  Wednesdays I can talk about magical metaphysical supernatural psychic astrological stuff.  Thursdays I can post a quote or saying and share my thoughts or feelings about it.  Fridays I will leave open for whatever.  I probably won’t always blog every single one of those days but it is a guide I can follow.  Until next time!🧑

Friday, November 10, 2017

A Nice Surprise

I sold a bracelet on Etsy today.  Yay, what a nice surprise because I haven’t listed anything new recently and the last sale I made was back in June.  I take that as a sign that I’m on the right track.  Maybe activating my blog is generating more traffic or maybe it is just pure coincidence but whatever it is I am grateful.  
I think I am going to stick with Blogger instead of starting a new blog elsewhere.  It is better to stay consistent and if I blog enough my tags will eventually show up closer towards the top of the search results on Google and plus Blogger is powered by Google.  I forgot to add that Pinterest could also be another potential source of promotion.  I will be back on Monday or Tuesday.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

So What’s Next?

Yesterday I went to the thrift store so that I can buy some extra yarn to practice on & got a bagful of these for only $1.99.  What a nice selection!  I have been practicing on the KNIT stitch all week and feel like I’ve got the hang of it.  One of the hardest things about knitting at least for me is hand coordination.  I still feel a bit clumsy.  This weekend I will be practicing on the PURL stitch.  After I get the hang of that then I will be able to create many things.  According to the experts there are 4 basic techniques that are essential in knitting: 
1.) Cast on: The first initial stitch to get you started 
2.) Knit stitch: One of the 2 major stitch patterns
3.) Purl stitch:  The other major stitch pattern
4.) Bind off: The last stitch to close up your knitting.

I am going to try & blog at least 3 times a week, no weekends.  I want to talk about more than just my projects though.  Maybe one of the days I’ll update on projects, then another day I can write up product reviews, then another day I can share my opinions on a topic.  I can talk about anything and everything!  I wish Blogger was more user friendly.  This platform is so outdated!  Links are not working and missing pics, it’s disturbing.  I’ve been writing mostly from my phone so maybe I’m limited to what I can do.  I wonder if the blog hops still exist?  When I get my Etsy shop running again I will probably open up an Instagram account for my business.  Not anytime soon though.  That is the only major platform I have not tried yet as a marketing tool.  I don’t think it was around back when I started. 
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Reflecting Thoughts

Yesterday I touched up on my business journey through the years.  As with anything in life there will always be highs and lows.  I think when things got busy especially during the bracelet years, it started to feel more like a job and I started to lose interest.  I didn’t feel like I was doing it for me anymore, like the creativity part of it was gone.  But I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey.  I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that I would come back when the time is right.  It was and will continue to be a great experience as I continue to grow & learn.  I am very proud of what I have accomplished and how I used my gut instincts to make most decisions.  It has definitely made me more confident in myself as I discovered many skills/talents I didn’t know I had.  And to this day it still makes me very happy when I make a sale.  It just amazes me that someone would want to wear something I made.  I’m not talking down on myself, it is more like a “thank you so much for liking something that I made!” type of feeling.  I mean there are literally thousands of people out there wearing or have worn something that I’ve made.  It’s like a part of me is with all these people and that’s cool as shit if you think about it.  
So next entry I would like to come up with some ideas I would like to focus on.  I’m still enjoying my knitting projects but not quite ready to dig back into jewelry yet but I definitely will eventually.  Until next time!