Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Hustle

I feel like I've been slacking off on my blog updates. I always try to blog at least once a week but it has been hard with the Christmas rush. I still have cards to mail out and more presents to buy. We just barely put up our tree!

Tomorrow is the 2nd Christmas craft show with the local Etsy team. I have decided not to participate in this one. I think I am going to wait until February to participate in another craft fair.

I've been getting inquiries in my shop for Christmas related purchases. Customers requesting to change a stone color or alter an item. It has been fun working with them to create an item they are happy with. It makes me want to start doing more custom orders. I really enjoy the customer interaction.

One more week until Christmas, can you believe it?!


  1. Fun photo! And no, I can barely believe it, either.

    -:¦:- Merry Christmas!! -:¦:-

    Btw, I just started a Winter Blog Hop to replace last season's comment adventure and hope you'll participate again when there's a pause in holiday hustle. :D

  2. Thanks Aquariann:) Thank you for all the nice comments you post on my blog:)