Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What do you guys think of this idea?

Is it just me or is everyone getting code gibberish when they are uploading their pics? Well here is a photo of something I am thinking of making. It is a juice bottle cap that I painted with acrylic paint and stuck an eyelet hook on it to make a pendant. I painted the inside and outside with colors that would look good together. I'm thinking of putting a wire wrapped jewel and hang it on the end of the eyelet hook where the green part is. On the back brown side I'm thinking of painting a pic of a mushroom or lotus flower. Just a simple image. Then seal everything with a clear lacquer and pair it with a leather cord or silver ball chain. I like things that have dual purposes, hence the double sided pendant idea, woohoo! So what do you all think? Crazy or good idea? Think I should change anything?

PS: Notice my lovely tumbled stone ring, just used E6000 glue and a ring base. I don't think I am going to put these in my shop though until I know for sure the stone won't fall off.


  1. I love versatility, so I would totally love this idea! Can't wait to see the final product!


  2. Thanks, I am hoping it will turn out to look like a real pendant. I'm always coming up with these wacky ideas, lol. If it don't work, I'll just use it as a refrigerator magnet!

  3. Ha! Brilliant! Now you can never have your necklace on backwards! I say go for it. Sounds interesting!

  4. Thanks, I never thought about the necklace backwards thing, that is so true, lol, maybe I'll use that on my description.