Friday, October 15, 2010

Hidden Treasures

Today I had some time to kill on my lunch break so I stopped by Shopko which is a discount store similar to Target or Walmart. They were actually having a huge sale on jewelry so I went over to check it out mostly to find pieces that I can break apart and re-create into my own design. I found a wooden stretch bracelet set that I could use to make wire wrap rings. I also found 2 earring 6 pack sets that have charms that I could use to make necklaces. This is a great alternative to buying parts at the craft store or online because it is inexpensive and it also gives you more creative options. Definitely one of my favorite ways to create stuff! So that is what I am going to be working on this weekend. I also ordered some more of the popular charms that I have used such as the fine silver lotus, brass imprinted charms, and fairy charms. Still waiting for my business cards to come, it has been weeks.

Tomorrow I attend my first virtual lab meeting with the Ifsteam, that should be fun:) It is scheduled for 1 hour and conducted in a chat room type of environment. I will post my experience after it is done.

I will stop here. I am so extremely out of it right now because I am sick and took a Benadryl an hour ago to control my extreme runny nose and sneezing. Good-Night:D

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  1. I love shopping at thrift shops and used items shops, you can find the most amazing "stuff" for recycling into art and crafts projects.

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