Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Peeq At Fashion

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a test blog and was chosen to be a blogger for a new blog on Wordpress called "A Peeq At Fashion". They are affiliated with the game Pennydrop on Facebook. Basically, I just blog about my opinions on anything related to fashion trends or brands. It is a really neat opportunity for me to blog for others and to experience a different kind of audience. As a blogger, I will periodically receive gift cards from their partnered affiliates. I just received a True Religion (my absolute favorite brand of jeans!) gift certificate as a welcome:D I think this will be really fun and we are free to blog about whatever just as long as it is fashion related. Here is the link to my first blog entry entitled "Why Are Jeans So Popular" It was also the blog entry I submitted as my test blog:) I probably won't write quite as much going forward, it seems most of the entries from other bloggers are only a paragraph long.


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  1. Congrats on being chosen to write! Found you on aquariann's Autumn Blog Hop, and am so glad I did, I really like your blog. Off to read your jeans article now!