Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Just Joined the Indie Free Spirits Etsy Team:)

Just a quick update, I am now a member of the Indie Free Spirits Team on Etsy:) I am excited to to work with the team! I think it will give my shop some good exposure in reaching my target audience. One of the things we get to do is create treasuries to promote the team. So from time to time I will be creating treasuries with items from members of the team. The nice thing about being on a team is that I still have my level of independence but with the added support of a team:)

I have also decided NOT to create a 2nd shop so bye-bye Trashy Treasures, lol. I asked a question in the Etsy forum about the pros/cons of opening a 2nd shop and the majority of the people think it is best to just stick with one shop and open a section for upcycled items. They said it was a lot of work handling 2 shops. Right now it would be impossible to juggle another shop since I have a day job as well!


  1. Congrats on becoming a member of Indie Free Spirits. I've heard a lot of good things about that team.

  2. Aren't Etsy teams splendid? Btw, thank you so fairy much for sharing my button and the sweet compliment on it. :D

  3. Thanks guys! That's nice to hear about the team Stacy, the owner of the group is very nice:)

    You're welcome Aquariann, I love fairies too:D