Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Break It, You Buy It

Today I went to the library to pay off a fine to replace a book that I returned with bad water damage. They originally wanted me to fork over 27 bucks but when I got there they let me off easy with a $10.00 fine and even let me keep the damaged book. So now I own this book "The Big Ass Book of Crafts" by Mark Montano. I'll admit I didn't like the book at first. I just skimmed through it and let it sit in my car for weeks. But now that it is mine to keep I really like it, LOL. Maybe I was meant to keep this book for inspiration or something. There is definitely a lot of crafts to try out. Things like how to make your own lip balm and facial scrub to stationary and envelopes made out of recycled magazine pages. There are even some weird crafts such as making a paper weight out of a baby doll head...yeah I wouldn't want to try that one either.

Thank you to those that wished me well when I was sick:) My ears are still ringing! But at least the vertigo is gone. This week has been kinda rough because I am trying to catch up at work from being out sick for 2 days last week.

I hope I was able to follow everyone back that followed me on the blog hops. It gets hard for me to keep track sometimes because blog hops are so fast paced! I'll probably only do it twice a week for now. I do find it to be a very useful networking tool. A blogger this week actually asked me a question on an item in my shop.

I haven't had time check in at the Etsy forums at all this week, I think I'll go there right now! Until next time...


  1. How lucky your only had to pay $10 for the book. I returned a book with a little bit of coffee damage and it cost me $27.

    I have never done a blog hop are they really helpful?

  2. Yeah the blog hops seem to help in getting your blog and shop more recognition. I've had more view counts to my shop. Plus it fun to leave nice comments and also enter in some giveaways. I have a couple of button links to on the lower right hand column of my blog if you are interested in participating. You just leave your blog name and link to your blog. Or you can browse the listed blogs and hop over to their blog leave a nice comment and follow them and most of the time they will follow you back:)

  3. Glad they let you off easily! Because, wow, $27?! Maybe that's why I rarely visit libraries, or bookstores, for that matter. I'm so spoiled on thrift store and yard sale prices! And borrowing from my best friend, of course. ;D

  4. They said that was how much they paid for the book but when I looked it up online the list price was only $19.97?! I only go to the library when I am iffy about a book purchase and want to test it out. I purchase almost all of my books on, the prices are really cheap and free shipping over $25.00 on most items.

  5. From time to time the book need a time to be understood