Friday, August 27, 2010

This Week

Happy Friday or for me SICK FRIDAY. I got a sudden case of vertigo a few days ago and have been in bed sick and puking for the past 2 days! I slept most of the day yesterday but feeling a little better today, at least I can sit up without the room spinning. My son started 2nd grade on Wednesday, what a big boy, I can't believe how time flies! He had a great first day and hopefully it will be a great year:)

Even though I wasn't able to do anything for the past 3 days I did make another sale:) I was surprised because it was one of my older pieces. This peace medallion pendant necklace. This shows me the importance of TAGS when listing items. She may have did a search for peace signs and found my item. Overall I have been averaging about 1 sale a week which is enough to motivate me to keep going:)

I have been playing around with origami projects and seeing how I can incorporate them in my shop. Maybe I can mix some origami projects with my jewelry and sell them as a set.

Hopefully I will recover enough this weekend to crank out more items! Thanks to all of you who left me great positive comments on my blog, I read them all and really appreciate them!!!:D


  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear you are so sick! I hope the vertigo passes soon. Congrats on your sale, the peace sign necklace is lovely.

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    Have a great weekend!


  3. Hope you feel better! It may well be the heat - my father was having vertigo as well during the heat wave here!

    Congrats on the sale, too. :)

  4. Thanks Jessica:) Hmm, I never thought of the heat being a cause, that could be part of it.

  5. Hi Kim,

    Sounds like you had some rough days there. Hope you are feeling much better. I agree, those tags are very important when it comes to searching for a particular item. I think peace signs are popular again and I can see why yours sold.

  6. Feel better soon!

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