Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Finally Get the Twitter Craze

Okay everyone I decided to re-activate my Twitter account and basically just use it to promote my shop. I'll definitely follow you if you follow me:

I highly recommend getting a Twitter account if you haven't done so, there is A LOT of traffic so you get a huge amount of exposure. I tweeted an item last night and then a few seconds later checked my shop and there were already 20 new views! I thought I would be bothered by the manic environment but so far not at all.

In other news, I made another sale today! I just listed the item last night and I am not sure if she found me on Twitter or Etsy but I am grateful for the sale:) I am posting a couple of pics of the charm necklace she bought. This is one of my favorites, I actually wear one that I made for myself but with an IMAGINE charm instead of DREAM. The peridot drop was originally used to represent my son's birthstone.

I am learning so much from all of you and also from my own mistakes. Like for instance putting out jewelry that I would actually wear or buy. I think in the beginning it was all about what I thought looked good but I wouldn't necessarily wear them. Yet another tweak in the system.


  1. I was reluctant about twitter first too, but now I quite like it!

    I'm your newest follower as efreeme, which incidentally is a new site I developed to sell handmade and vintage items - there are no listing fees or commissions!

  2. I have done twitter with my own friends, but I never thought about making one for shop promotion. Good idea! I'll have to add you.

  3. I primarily use Facebook to connect with friends/family, I didn't have time to use Twitter. But for promotion purposes to just post and leave, that works for me!