Monday, August 23, 2010

BNR on Etsy

This is fun you guys. If you have an Etsy shop you can "BNR" or buy and replace through a treasury. Basically you purchase an item from a treasury that is participating in a BNR sale and the curator will replace the item you purchased with an item from your own shop so that someone else will be able to purchase your item from the treasury. I decided to try it today and I purchased these cute crayon shaped stars for my son. Here is the link to the treasury that I am participating in.

There are plenty of other ones, just do a search for BNR in the treasuries. What a great way to help each other out:)


  1. Wow, that sounds really awesome. I'd love to try that sometime. Thanks for the pointer. :]

  2. Hey there, your not to late for the giveaway. It ends 9/11/10. Good luck! I love BNR's on etsy! What are those cool looking blue stars? Are they crayon's or resin?

  3. You should Jessica, there's a lot of games and stuff that they do over on Etsy. I wish I had time to do it more often!

    Leslie, those are crayons, that is what the seller described on her listing. Looks like they were melted on to star molds. Yay, I'm not too late for the giveaway, I love giveaways! I am going to do my own sometime soon, I just need to get more organized!

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