Monday, August 2, 2010

Finished Juice Bottle Cap Pendants

I just made 2 of these juice bottle cap pendants. I used metal charms for the dangles. The praying angel was originally supposed to be a dangley but the connector on top of her head fell off so I added a "hope" charm and glued the angel beside it which I think worked out pretty well. On the back side I glued a decorative brad. Then I sealed everything with a clear laquer.

Yesterday I did sell a few of my bottle cap necklaces. All the bottle cap necklaces that I brought out there had some imperfections to it so I only sold them for a dollar. I also found out that one of my sisters is also making jewelry so we along with my other sister are going to get craft booth at some farmer's market when we have enough inventory. It is only $30.00 a day so not bad at all.

Well I guess I better get to sleep, work tomorrow:( Maybe I can make a couple more easy pieces before I turn in. Good night everyone:)

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