Saturday, September 25, 2010

Working with Sterling Silver Wire

Hello folks, today I got my 22 gauge sterling silver wire that I ordered off Ebay. I ordered 5 feet and thought I was going to get quite a bit but when I opened the package I was like "This is it?!" I was only able to make 4 wire wrapped rings! I kept 1 for myself and will list the other 3 in my shop tomorrow. I really love the quality of sterling silver, much better than the copper and aluminum wires that I have been using! My only complaint is that I bought the "half hard" wire which was not very easy to wire wrap and caused my fingertips to become very sore:( It kinda hurts to type right now actually, lol. Next time I will buy the "dead soft" version and see how much better it is. Until next time!:D


  1. Hi Kim,

    When one refers to sterling silver, how many parts of 1000 is it ?


  2. Hi Jose, sterling silver is 92.5% silver or 925 parts per 1000 whereas fine silver is 99% or 999 parts. Hope that helps:)

  3. Hi Kim, I know what you mean exactly! I used 20g half hard to use silver cones at the ends of multi-stranded beaded necklaces. It does take more than you think and my fingers were sore too...I tried wire wrapping one piece of seaglass and figured out it really isn't as easy as it looks! I like using it though, I read 18-22g half hard sterling silver is commonly used for wire wrapping....good luck! jenn